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Drake Ghillie Boat Blind

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When building the perfect blind in a confined space such as a boat, there is no room for error and zero forgiveness for awkward design. The advancements we are introducing surpasses all other boat blinds by leaps and bounds. Our Spring-Loaded Auto-Locking legs go past vertical and invert to a bracket where it is held firmly in place by the spring tension and gravity, forcing the leg into a locked position. When you lift the blind, which can be done with one hand, the springs are engaged and the legs automatically lock back. No need for additional stabilizer bars to take up valuable space in the boat.
    Our top gives full coverage over the interior of the blind no matter the width of the boat. Fabric hangs down, covering a gap between the top and the front wall. The fabric can be tied back to create a clean gap to look through, if desired. There are brush straps that 
allow you to hang raffia to break up the gap, giving it a more natural look and eliminating the shadow a gap may cause. This top works just like 4-Man Blind. When you throw the top back, you throw the top behind you, never losing sight of the ducks.
    You can also collapse the blind, use our new Ghillie Seat, sit in the floor of the boat, engage the top, creating a much lower profile. 
    We predrilled all the holes in the blind’s frame, which is another huge advantage. This allows the user to simply measure the front and rear width and the length of the blind, lay the parts on the ground, slide the tubing to that dimension and insert a pin in the nearest hole. This also allows you to take the blind off a 14’ boat and put it on a 17’ boat with ease. The top competitor blinds can take up to 8 hours to install, with lots of drilling and tightening of bolts, making it custom to each boat. 
    Another advantage is when it comes to mud motors. The tiller handle sticks into the back end of the boat and often comes in contact with the blind, causing damage to it, the motor and the boat operator’s hand. We designed our blind so you remove the top, push it to one side, pull a pin and the entire rear frame will swing to one side, leaving the entire rear seat of the boat open for motor use. 
1) Strong, Durable Aluminum Frame 
3)  Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps
3) No-Shadow Dual Action Top with One-Way See-Through Mesh
4) Height/Width/Length Adjustment
5) Spring-Loaded Auto-Locking Legs
6) No obstruction to mud motor tiller handle
7) Top works in high and low profile
8) Easy Instillation
9) Easy Set-Up/Break-Down 
Designed to fit boats 14’ to 17’
Front Blind Width 36” to 56”
Rear Width 52” to 81”
Blind Length 10’2” to 14’2”

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